Some say the invention of glass is recorded on the cuneiform tablets of King Ashurbanipal of Assyria. Others recount a tale of a merchant ship, laden with nitrium, encamped on a beach. The ship’s sailors, searching for stones to prop up their pots while cooking dinner, sought recourse in the ship’s excess cargo. Their improvised nitrium coals quickly melted to fuse with the sands of the shore, expelling streams of a translucent, shimmering liquid, which we know today as glass.

OHR Lighting is proud to return the art of glass making to its geographical roots. Scouring the Middle East and Mediterranean, we have uncovered the work of a small group of pioneering glass artisans manipulating this hallowed craft to create exciting new masterpieces.

From their cloistered ateliers in remote locales, we bring you the exquisite creations produced by these latter-day Phoenicians, descendants of the foremost expert glass blowers in the ancient world.

OHR Lighting’s glass fixtures are exotic, sophisticated, elegant, innovative, delicate – an exclusive exploration of light, shadow and transparency.