Q: How long will light bulbs last?

Bulb Lifespan varies. Halogen bulbs last 20,000 hours (approximately 2 years). LED bulbs last 50,000 hours (approximately 5 years).

Q: Do Ohr Lighting fixtures work overseas?

Yes. Please let our team know about your international electric needs in advance so we can assure optimal performance.

Q: Do fixtures come with wiring?

Yes. All custom-made fixtures are accompanied by five feet of standard wire. You may purchase additional wire on our site or email us with any question regarding extended wire lengths.

Q: Will the hand-made glass colors scrape or fade over time?

The glass obtains its vibrant colors during the fusing and/or blowing process, each vibrant hue is completely embedded within the glass so the colors are an integral part of the glass. They will not change over time.

Q: Is my fixture dimmable?

All custom fixtures are dimmable.

Q:  Can I install my light fixture on a vaulted or sloped ceiling?

Yes. All Ohr Lighting fixtures are equipped with canopies that can be installed on vaulted or sloped ceilings.

Q: Can I install my fixture over a beam or pre-existing element in my ceiling?

Yes. All Ohr Lighting fixtures come equipped with standard canopies, which can cover existing elements in the ceiling or the additional wiring needed to center the fixture. Floating canopies are also available at an additional cost to accommodate your unique design needs.

Q: Can I mix and match pendants and/or colors?

Many of our products can be custom made to fit your needs. Contact our customer service to assist you further.

Q: Can the height of the pendants be changed?

Yes! All hanging fixtures come with the option of setting your own height. (Only custom made)

Q:  My lighting fixture doesn’t work what should I do?

Please contact our customer service within 3 days regarding all defective merchandise.


Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. For alternate methods of payment (such as checks or money orders), please contact our customer service department.

Q:  What if my item is missing a part, is the wrong size, or the wrong color?

All claims regarding parts, size or color must be made within 7 days to our customer service department.

Q:  I don’t like my purchase. Can I return it?

Most fixtures can be returned within 30 days. Please see our Return Policy for details.

Q:  Can I exchange my Ohr Lighting purchase?

We are only able to exchange defective merchandise at this time.

Q:  How do I change or cancel an order after it has been submitted?

If you’d like to make any changes or cancel your order, email [email protected] as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist you. Orders must be cancelled within 48 hours.

Q:  Do you ship internationally, and is there a shipping fee?

Yes, we do offer international shipping. Please contact our customer service to assist you with all international orders.

Q:  When will I receive my order?

All orders are processed within 1-2 business days. For custom made orders, you can expect your order to ship within 8-10 weeks. Larger fixtures may take longer to ship.

Q:  Is my shipment trackable?

Yes. You will receive a tracking number via email as soon as your item ships.

Q:  What if my order takes longer than 10 weeks to arrive? 

Please call our customer service team if there is any delay in receiving your item.

Q:  What if my purchase looks like it has been opened or damaged in transit?

You must contact us within 3 days of receiving the damaged item and provide us with images of the item in its original packaging. If a package looks damaged, please note this on delivery slip when signing off.

Q:  How are the fixtures packed for shipping?

All products are carefully packed to insure no damage occurs during shipping. All glass pendants are packed separately and require assembly and installation upon delivery.